Monday, November 26, 2007

Having a Boy!

Hey everyone, Thanksgiving photos are coming, we are just still in California, so I will post about it when we go home in case anything really exciting happens in the next two days that I just HAVE to post about.
I thought I'd share my typical "boy" moment. Scott found a caterpillar in the back yard and brought it in, he was letting it crawl on his arm. Here's how the conversation went, "Mom, look I found a caterpillar outside."
Me, "Oh, wow that's neat!"
Scott, "He wants to live inside with us."
Me, "Caterpillars can't live inside they have to live outside."
Scott, "Why? (I'm sure you are surprised by this question, Ryan)"
Me, "Because all their food is outside, they don't have anything to eat inside."
Scott, "No, he needs to live inside with us, because he is a nice caterpillar and I will share my food with him."
It was just a typical, what you think of when you will have a boy moment. You know, like they will always get dirty, like bug and sports and boy things like that. The ending to the story is that the caterpillar did go live back outside.


Ryan said...

That little dude cracks me up. Wait until he stops asking for permission and starts smuggling the wildlife in.

Jessica said...

Cute cute. THis is why we love blogs!

Megan said...

When I read the title of your blog I thought you were announcing that you were having another boy...when do you find out? I love the hearing the kid quotes

elizabeth scott said...

This is sooooo funny!!! I laughed out loud when I read this little catapillar moment!!! That is a memory you will never want to forget!