Saturday, October 3, 2009

Poor Stacey

Here is a conversation I had with Stacey yesterday in the car.

Stacey: Mom, I won't like the new baby.

Me: Why not?

Stacey: Because he is a boy baby and I will only like a girl baby.

Me:I bet you will like him, you like Daniel and he is a boy.

Stacey: I KNOW MOM, but I will not like this baby because he's a boy, I will only like him if he's a girl. (pouty face)
Sorry Stace, this one REALLY is your Dad's fault!


Zaundra and Grant said...

I will like the new baby. And that's all that matters right?! Have fun in Jerusalem you guys go soooo soon!!!

G and G Nut said...

Way to put the blame where it belongs, Christy! See you(well, actually, your kids soon.) See you after your adventure.

Jessica said...

Ship her over here. We have girls here!!

Matthews Family said...

Don't worry. Stacey has Paige and hopefully we'll be living by you really soon.

Choo Say said...

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