Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it too early to tell on your sister to Santa?

Apparently not. This story involves two main characters and one piece of evidence.

The culprit:

(Does she look like she could ever do anything wrong?)

The tattleteller:

(Scott, not Daniel.  Does he look like he would rat his sister out?)

The report:
This is a scan of the envelope and letter we found in our mailbox.  Greg asks me, " Hey, what's this in the mail?"  So we figured it must've been put in ther by Scott (he's the only one that can write somewhat coherent sentences, we are such the detectives). This is what we figured it said: envelope - From Scott to Santa (Sada), letter - Dear (D) Santa (Sada) Stacey was (wuz) no good (go).  Greg and I were cracking up!  When we asked Scott about it later he told us that he told Stacey if she didn't listen to him/do what he wants, he would write a letter to Santa!  And he obviously was serious! 
The moral of the story:  Watch what you do around Scott, he'll tell Santa on you, and he really follows through!


Zaundra and Grant said...

hahahahahahaha. i can't stop laughing at this! i love it.

Meridith said...

That is soooo hilarious!! I'm definitely going to be good around Scott all the time.

Jessica said...

I can't believe he totally did it. I'm impressed with his consistency.

Jennifer Dean said...

Way to have follow through! That is so funny.

cecily said...

I hope you forwarded that right on to the North Pole. By the way, what was Stacey's response when she heard about it???
xoxoxo G Nut, not Cecily

Brooke said...

Scott is hilarious. I love that he even put a stamp on it too.

Holly said...

That is hilarious! What a smart boy!!

elizabeth scott said...

Aaron and I laughed together about this one tonight. Scott is a man of his word! got to admire that!

The Shane Gang said...

That is so dang funny! :) Makes me totally miss you...Come. Here. Soon.

natalie said...

Hey Christy!

I was just updating some blog settings and stumbled across your comment that you left months ago! Sorry, how rude of me. I'm sure my excuse is that I was still moving and internet wasn't up and running? It's been so long now you've probably forgotten anyway!

Yeah, the Thrive thing was fun. I actually resigned a while back, but they've got so much footage that has yet to be edited that it will look like I'm a current employee for the next two years at least! Thanks for being so nice, but I'm actually way embarrassed of the videos. It is crazy not having control over these things once they're out there, a lesson to learn. I have a lot to improve on, but I think they really fall short in editing. Oh well! It was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Hope you guys are well, and I'm still holding out that we'll pack up and spend some time in TX one of these moves...


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I don't know how you do it. Nice work.

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