Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lizard Fun

Okay, okay all I know our blog is lame so far (although on Ryan abd Jessica's I'm sure it says something about us being cool). But I'm working on it. I haven't posted for awhile because I have pics I wanted to post, but I finally thought, I'll just write this one while I work on the picture thing.

My one really good excuse (I think) for taking so long is that my body is reacting very strangely during this pregnancy. After having stomach pains for about a month, I figured out I my stomach is reacting badly to grains and milk, which I am now refraining from eating. And although I am very greatful to not have stomach pains comparable to labor, I am now suffering on a diet of strictly fruit, salads, eggs and chicken breast. All I want is a bowl of cereal!

Ok so now for the intersting part of my blog. Today when I went to give the kids a bath, my two naked kids standing outside the bath notified me of a small lizard in the bathtub. Which of course was a huge ordeal. We woke up Dad to see if he would take care of the lizard, but it's hard to get Greg to speak when he gets up from a nap, so taking care of a lizard was obviously out of the question. So the brave mom got the lizard to run onto a plate (which I was planning on running outside with to let the lizard go), but the lizard panicked when he was outside of the tub and ran and jumped of the plate into the toilet. So while me and the two naked kids were screaming and the lizard was attempting to climb out of the toilet (he got close) we flushed the toilet. I felt really bad about flushing him down the toilet, but maybe he was a swiming lizard and now has a new home! We'll just believe that for now!


The Ryan and Jessica Romney family said...

1) Sorry about the no cereal, but you won't gain much weight if you can't eat bread or cheese.

2) And Greg would probably have helped if you'd placed it on his face.

G and G Nut said...

Let me just reiterate for the thousandth time - you will definitely have a HUGE mansion waiting for you in Heaven. (It will come with a cleaning angel and cook, I am sure.)

Audrey said...

It's about time I hear from you!!! Congrats on your pregnancy. How are along are you? And, I'm loving your stories so far. Please post more photos, so I can see you and the kids. Tell Greg hello and you won't believe this but Sunday we ran into Nate Wright from pest control in Virginia. He's in our stake here. Can you believe what a small world it is?

ben and natalie said...

Hi Christy,

I was posting a comment on Andrea's blog and you posted at the same time. Just for fun I clicked on your blog to see if it was the Christy from high school and it was in fact you! I don't know if you will remember me, my maiden name was Natalie Gildea. I just had to post on your blog and let you know that I always thought that you were just the sweetest and kindest person. Obviously 1 year in age isn't a big deal anymore, but at the time I looked up to you so much and just thought that you couldn't have been a nicer person. I just had to let you know!

Also, my husband has had some job offers in Texas, the Dallas area. He should be getting one more this week that we are pretty seriously considering. I'm not sure if you live in that area or somewhere else. I will have to contact you again if we do infact take the offer. Good luck with your baby and your family is adorable!

kaylee said...

Ahh! Ok, I was jsut having some problems with the tab and shift button. I love your blog, I think it's great, you say you're a slacker, but if I made one, it would have like 2 pictures and a paragraph describing what's going on, now THAT'S sad! It's so cute, but I'm disappointed I didn't get into the zoo pics, I'll have to try out for that next time I come down, jk. I was surprised you put me in about the penguins, that was cute, lol. I miss you guys, that was soooo much fun to come and stay with you guys, even if I was int eh weird depression mode for a couple days, and had to pee like 80 million times at six flags. I love your lizard story, that makes me laugh. I love how you wenrt on about the booger, I thought it was funny. ok, so love ya!

P.S. Don't you love my e-mail? SIerra made it for me. case it didin't come up.