Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spooky Spokane

Okay, okay so Spokane wasn't really that spooky, I'm just trying to get into the Halloween spirit. Here are some things we really on our trip:

Is there a kid on the planet who doesn't like Chuck E. Cheese?

We drove down from Spokane to visit my Uncle Denny and his family. Denny and Rebecca took us to Chuck E. Cheese and Scott thought he was in heaven because Denny got 200 tokens! He just couldn't believe that eveytime he kept coming back to the table we would give him MORE tokens! Greg and my cousins, Tyler and Zac, figured out how to win like 100 tickets at a time from this one machine if they played it right. Scott ended up getting a pretty cool toy (relative to Chuck E. Cheese toys), when I was younger the biggest thing I could buy with my tickets was the parachute guys with a death wish (have you seen what their parachutes do?).

We had alot of fun seeing Denny and his family!
Park Fun

We all went to the duck park one day with half of the Daines and half of the Romneys. We had alot of fun, although the duck pond was somewhat stressful because you had to worry about your kids getting too close to the ledge. I swear I took more pictures of this activity but this was the only one I had!

Game Night

I know Ryan and Jessica had somthing really cute planned for this blog, but I just know I can't live up to their blogging expertise (I couldn't even figure out how to delete a picture, so I tried to make it really small so you wouldn't notice it. I really struggle with this blogging thing sometimes), so I'm just going to give you the highlights of game night.
1. The food - of course! I claimed that I was completely stuffed to the brim at dinner. But it's funny how yummy desserts are put in front of me and my stomach can grow 3 sizes (kindof like the grinch's heart that Christmas day).
2. The game where the punishment for losing is spelling you name in the air with your butt. Needless to say I tried VERY hard not to lose at this game. I'm not a shy person, but one of the LAST things I want is 8 people staring at my butt while I am attempting to shake it. Luckily I did not lose and we quit after Grant lost.
3. Grant writing his name in the air with his butt. He did it in Ryan's face, you had to be there!
4. Pirates' Dice (Otherwise known as liar's dice) - Why is pirates' dice so fun? You'll have to play for yourself to see why! (I like this cool pirates cups and dice with skull and crossbones, it makes me feel like a real pirate)
Thanks guys for the fun night!
We did alot of other fun things in Spokane like going to the Children's musuem and eating lots of yummy food that we didn't have to cook!
To the Daines and Romneys, thanks for letting us come!


Jessica said...

So cute...your game night recap was very funny!

Seth just looked up and said, "Hey SCott! Scott!"

We miss you around here.

The Shane Gang said...

I love the "little" picture that you "don't" notice. But sorry to say, I noticed it more because it was really little. You are too cute and I cannot believe how old Stacey looks...She looks like a 4-year-old and her hair is so long!!

birnels said...

Spokane sounds like fun! I love the little picture. That is hillarious. Totally not noticeable until you mentioned it.

Matthews Family said...

Paige and I enjoyed looking at the fun pictures in Spokane.

As soon as I pulled up your blog she said, "Scott!!" and "Stacey!" Now she is saying "Greg!"

I sure wish we could have joined in on the fun too. Love ya.

Breanne said...

Christy, I followed your example, and found your blog through Jessica's! I love it, it is so fun to see what your family is doing! Your kids are getting so big, I can't believe it! By the way, you have the cutest family, and you are doing great with your blog!