Saturday, October 20, 2007

We're Baaaack!!!

Sorry, about the long lapses in blogs, we have been out of town on and off lately. Here are a couple photos of our trip to San Antonio when we went to see Ryan and Jessica (who came to see us after their cruise), and the Sherrills (Matt, Janelle, Caroline & Talmage) who live in San Antonio.

This is the kids in the car. Stacey fell asleep so we took a picture of her (I couldn't figure out how to rotate it)and Scott wanted us to take a picture of him asleep. You can tell he is in a deep sleep . . .

Here are some pictures of the things we did in San Antonio. One of them is at the Alamo, and the other pictures are on a boat. The boat is in a river at a cool place in San Antonio called the River Walk. It's this man-made river with hotels and restaurant all around it. It's fun to let the kids walk around and see the ducks andride the little tour boat. We had lots of fun and no one fell in the water.
We also went to Spokane for a week after that, but Jessica taught me about blogging and she said that she only posts about once a day otherwise people won't read your other blogs, just your top one. So you will just have to sit on the edge of your seats until tomorrow or the next day until I post a blog about our Spokane trip. I know it will be hard, but I will try to make it worth the wait.
P.S. Can you rotate pictures in this blogging program?


Andrea said...

As far as I can figure out, you have to rotate the pictures on your computer before you upload them. Once they are uploaded I don't think you can twist 'em.

My soluation to the multiple posts per day is to use Google Reader. This program allerts me to all the new blog posts so that 1) I don't ahve to click on each individual site to see if the person has updated and 2) so I don't miss any posts, like when a person does more than one a day.

BTW, cute pictures and cute kids!

Jessica said... are reading for my next lesson. Wait, Andrea's trying to take over my sensei lessons!!!

And it's not about people's about people COMMENTING...they won't COMMENT as much if you have multiple post. But, I did tell you about how great google reader is, right?!

Audrey said...

Glad you're back. Missed reading about your happenings.

birnels said...

Your kids are totally adorable. I love the picture of the fake sleeping.

The Shane Gang said...

We really missed you for my birthday celebration, but you were in our hearts and the whole day I wished you were here celebrating with us. Maybe if we keep doing all of these fun things, it will motivate you to move closer! I'm glad you had such a good time on your recent trips. I'm finding that going anywhere is hard now that Jaxon hates his carseat and screams the whole time. You would never know that he sits around and just looks around the rest of the day! and miss you! I'm glad to know about only posting 1 blog a day. I wish I would have known that this morning before I posted my 2nd blog...oops!

Ryan said...

As someone who will never pick up a phone I have to tell you how happy I am that I can read all about your life ... even if it wasn't about me.

We miss you guys. Have you noticed how bad the bugs are here? It's awfull. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yep, need a Spokane branch of Romney Pest Control.

Mathew said...

Hey Christy!!!
I just got an email from Meredith about her new blog and had to look and see your blog. You guys look great!!!! Wish we all could hang out soon. Miss you guys!
Brenda Coon

Matthews Family said...

Greg looks like a stud in all his pictures!! We are so jealous we couldn't come to Washington to visit too. Sure looked like a lot of fun!