Friday, September 28, 2007

Ode to BYU!!!

This picture was taken last year in Las Vegas at the Mountain West Tournament. I posted this picture to help you understand just how big of a fan of BYU my husband is (even though he only went there for a year and didn't graduate from there!)! The reason I posted this picture right now is that Greg is currently in New Mexico for the BYU game there. Two weeks ago we drove to Tulsa, OK for the BYU game there (which was really, really sad). So even though we don't live in Utah, he has been to 3 BYU games this season.

I'd just like you BYU graduates (especially that live in Utah) to really take a close look at yourselves, and ask "How many BYU games have I attended this year?" If it's less than three, don't you think you should really make some changes in your life, and really focus on supporting your school. You can call Greg if you need any moral support. It's just something to think about.

Also, since Greg was out of town we had TV dinners for dinner. The kids thought they were in heaven, mostly because there were star sprinkles to go on their pudding. They didn't even like the pudding, maybe I should start putting star sprinkles on other things (veggies) . . . Audrey, it's something to think about.


Andrea said...

Go COUGS!!! Have you seen the pictures of my kids in their BYU appearal on my blog? My parents bought Trevor a BYU hat that he wore in the hospital right when he was born. It's just in the blood. I've only been to 1 game this year, but we did order Comcast so we could watch them all. Your husband sounds like my brother--a HUGE fan!

BTW, Trevor isn't a family name just a name that Nate and I both really liked. His full name is actually Nathan Trevor, but of course he call him Trevor. I'm glad you like it!

Audrey said...

Oh yes!!! I think you may have discovered the answer I'm looking for. Who knew it would be star sprinkles? I'm willing to give it a go.
AND Go BYU!!!! Derek's in heaven that we've been able to view most of the games on TV (except last week's).

ben and natalie said...

Hey Christy!

Thanks so much for your generous offers to help! Last weekend I almost wrote to you with the news that we would be on our way down next month. That was the plan for about 4 days. Ben had accepted the job and we were set to move October 16. But when he gave his notice at work, they said they would do anything to keep him and ended up giving him an International assignment and we decided to go for it. We were so excited to move to Dallas, and really feel connected to it. Maybe when we get back from overseas...?

Thanks again, I wish I would have been able to see you! In the end, staying with his company had way too many advantages.

It has been fun to see what you and your little family are up to, keep in touch!

birnels said...

Hi Christy!

I found your blog from Jessica's and was so happy about it! Your kids are totally adorable and I can't believe how much hair your little girl has. Stella is 17 months old and doesn't even have half that. I hope you don't mind me checking in to see what you and your cute family are up to!

Jessica said...

HILARIOUS! Can he recreate that when he comes here? Is there a game that weekend. I'll be the Y!