Thursday, September 13, 2007

Scott and Stacey

Scott and Stacey are like most brothers and sisters, best friends and times and mortal enemies at others. Since we don't usually take pictures of the mortal enemies moments. Here are some of them being best friends. Above they are watching a movie in Scott's room.

This was taken back in July the day that Harry Potter 7 came out. My aunts (of course) sent me (at least I think it was for me, I was the only one reading Harry Potter) a package of Harry Potter goodies to celebrate the occasion. Scott is wearing the Harry Potter glasses and eating the gummy slugs. Needless to say, the picture shows how much of the goodies I got to enjoy!

P.S. Scott does love the Harry Potter movies. I wonder if you can inherit an obsession with Harry Potter?


Ryan said...

We are so glad we will be seeing you guys alot in the next few months because it is obvious from these pics that it has been way too long. Scott looks older and cuter but I can't even believe how big Stacey is. She hardley looks like a baby at all! And you and greg look like rock stars.

G and G Nut said...

That is the cutest Harry Potter I have ever seen! Hermoine is a cutie as well. We can't wait for Thanksgiving! Love you and miss you. Good job with the pictures, Christy. Keep it up!

Jessica said...

Wasn't number 7 sooo good? (And from your pictures it doesn't look like Greg's eating very many goodies either.)