Friday, September 21, 2007

Potty Training Fun/Not Fun

This week we are potty training! I know most of you are thinking "It's about time!" We've spent a lot of time at home this week, but Scott has done pretty well (I don't really have anything to compare it too since he's my first). We went through like 6 pairs of underwear the first day. But everyday since then he has only had one accident per day. Thankfully none of them were out in public. He still hasn't gone #2 on the potty, but most people have said that's normal, at least we're making progress.

After day one, my sister-in-law suggested getting juice boxes and giving him lots of liquids so that he would go more pee at one time. So when Scott woke up on Tuesday morning and first we HAD Capri-Suns in the fridge and two that he was getting one for breakfast, he was to say the least, surprised. So he asked me "Mom, why did you get this juice at the store?"

I said, "So that it would help you go pee."

Scott, "So this juice will go in here (mouth), and come out down here (you know where).

Me, "Yeah, you drink this and your body turns it into pee to come out down there."

Scott, "Oh."

The next day: Scott, "Mom, I can't go pee, I need the pee juice (Capri-Suns) to help me."

Everyday he now asks for pee juice when his pee doesn't come out. We've tried explaining to him that all liquids get turned into pee. But now he is conviced that there is somthing special about Capri-Suns. So don't be surprised if you hear Scott call a Capri-Sun "pee juice."


Andrea said...

Skylar is a strong willed little girl so potty training was kind of hard. She got the pee thing down easily, both day and night, but it took a while for the #2. Now that she's 100% trained it is great, but getting there was rough!

Jessica said...

So appetizing! (Good's one of the WORSE things about parenting.)


Ploop ploop