Friday, September 21, 2007

Lazy Me!

I just recently discoved a new lifestyle change that's really working for me, it's called wear a hat 3 days a week = only have to wash your hair 2 -3 times a week. Seriously though, since I am a mom, I HATE getting ready. By the time I shower, put my makeup on and blow dry my hair, my kids have:
1. Taken every cereal box out of the pantry and taken the inside bag out of the box and spilled cereal in almost every room in the house.
2. Put my makeup, lotions, deordorants, etc. in various rooms in the house.
3. Emptied all the clothes out of at least one drawer of my dresser.
4. Smeared one of my lip glosses into the carpet.

Okay, so this doesn't happen everytime, but my kids do at least one to two of these while I am getting ready! Props go out to you mom's that get ready everyday (and give me some tips)!

One other good thing that has come from the new hair washing/hat policy is that whenever I wear a hat Stacey wants to wear one too! Then I don't have to do her hair either!

P.S. What is a good way to get an 19 month old to sit still so you can do her hair?


Andrea said...

I'm sooo glad to hear that someone else hates getting ready. I'd do the hat thing too if my hair were long enough...I look like a man with a hat on. Tips for getting little girl's hair done? Well, I would let Skylar dump out all of the rubberband thingies and play with them while I did her hair (we'd sit on the floor). She liked that.

Jessica said...

You know I kind of like getting ready. And the hat never works for me...I've often been jealous of how cute and casual you look in your hates.

The Shane Gang said...

You are way to cute in your hats and I' liking this hat policy...Maybe I'll try it after the baby comes. I'm sure I'll have makeup all over my house too, but at least one of mine won't be mobile. I don't know how you do it at times. Stay close because I'll need some tips for the future about how to handle 2 mobile toddlers!

Audrey said...

I don't like to get ready just because I'm not into make up and hair, but I think that beatings work pretty well with they make hand cuffs that small? I think I must have really scary angry faces because Ryanna doesn't pull anything like that. Owen is looking to be much more of a mischief maker already!

Meridith Matthews said...


Oh how I miss talking to you and living close to you. Thanks for sending the update on life. You're so lucky that you look good no matter what you do to your hair and I really mean it too. I have no great advice since Paige's hair is still too short to pull up and so the only thing I ever do is once in awhile I try to put a clip in it. love ya.