Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stacey's B-day

Stacey's birthday was a little sad this year as far as party planning went. We didn't really have a party that day, we just had cake and ice cream for her that night. She did get some cute clothes from her Grandma Hill and a very cute Cinderella dress up outfit from her Grandma Nut. She had a fun day, but Scott still reminds me often that we still need to have a REAL party for Stacey. Hopefully he will forget and not remind her that her 2nd birthday was lame, since she can't remember!

For those of you who don't know Stacey, I will tell you about her. She is alot of fun and has alot of energy (I mean alot). She is very independent and determined at everything she does (it takes me about 10 minutes to get her dressed because she wants to do it). Her favorite saying is "by myself." She has a love/hate relationship with her brother, maybe that's normal I never had an older brother. She is her daddy's princess, and has him wrapped around her little finger. She loves singing "I am a Child of God" really loud. Scott yells at her to stop singing in the car because no one can hear the music when she is singing. She loves princesses, babies and puzzles. I love her so much and am glad to be her mom.
Here she is wearing one of the baby's hats. It was really funny when she put it on, I thought she looked like a little thug rapper girl!


G and G Nut said...

Gotta love those cute kids!!

Meridith said...

I think Scott will forget once his birthday comes around. Happy 2nd Birthday Stacey! You are such a funny little girl.

Jessica said...

Those pictures are hilarious.

Would Scott enjoy Stacey's rapping better, maybe?

The Shane Gang said...

She is quite the little character isn't she?!?! I love the "thug rapper girl" What a cutie patootie! I'm glad to hear she had a great day! She looks a lot older than when I saw her 3 months ago :)

Brooke said...

Hey, tell Stacey Abbie didn't have a b-day cake on her b-day today either. Thanks for the fun house pics. It's Awesome!! I love it!
we want to visit. It was so fun to see Greg today. What a fun suprise. I hope the baby waits for him to get back. Love you, and hope you are doing good.

April Lowe said...

Hi there! I'm sure this birthday won't even be an issue by next week. :) Anyway, I love your new house and want to come see it! And I am still planning on the Hookers club. I just haven't been able to get my act together this month. Call me and we will set a date.