Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacation over the Border

I just got back from a fun-filled exhausting vacation.

First, we went to Spokane for a very fun, well-planned reunion. Unfortunately, I got sick (strepth throat) and didn't take any pictures. If you are just dying to see how much fun we had you can click here It was at the Daines lake cabin at Hayden Lake. I seriously have the best in-laws! We all get along so well, and I WISH I lived closer to ALL of them!!

Next, we headed to Canada with just our family to see Vancouver. We stayed at the Sutton Place, a five star hotel at a 3 star price, thanks to, thank you Greg! When we told our trolley driver where we were staying, he asked me if I was famous. That's seriously how nice this place was folks. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy we dragged our three snack covered, messy haired, homeless looking kids (we'd been in the car for 5 hours) to check-in to the hotel. It was I'm sure one of Greg's all-time favorite moments of our lives. Seriously, he loves to look ghetto in nice places. It's a weird quirk he has.

Here's a view from the hotel.

Ok, I have to admit, I don't usually take the shampoo and all the stuff from the hotels, but this seriously was nice stuff!! I could've stayed in this hotel all week!

In Vancouver, we rode the trolley around, played at Stanley park, and ate yummy crepes. Daniel fell asleep on the trolley and played with a straw the rest of the day(I know am not good at taking pictures, I'm working on it. Just don't read my blog for the pictures, just read it for the captivating story-telling). Then we had to leave that night to go on a ferry to Victoria.

We checked-in to our hotel at midnight in Victoria. So our kids were passed out until 11:00 the next day. In Victoria, we rode the trolley around (Greg likes taking the tour trolleys), fed a seal (the highlight of our day), and went on a whale watching tour. We also went to Buchart gardens, which is beautiful, but it was at night and my phone (I forgot my camera on the trip, does that surprise anyone?) doesn't have a flash so I couldn't take pictures. I'm sure they have a great web site, with better pictures than I could take anyways!

Next, it was on to Seattle, where we met my parents, my uncle and his family, and my brother and some of his friends for the BYU vs. Washington game. It was a really fun game to be at and I even took all my kids!! I don't know why I don't have any pictures of this! We had so much fun!! I think my dad took some pictures, when I get them from him, I'll post them later. So long blogging world . . .


Jessica said...

So jealous of your fun hotel! And wasn't that the best game?! Okay, I didn't actually watch it (I was upstairs chatting with the girls) but I heard the guys going crazy downstairs at the exciting ending.

We wish those visits weren't so rare!!!!


Sounds like an adventure...vacationing with 3 kids. You guys are brave! Daniel is looking cuter than ever! I miss you guys. Hope you are doing well and not getting attacked by the Hurricane!!

Brooke said...

How fun!! Daniell is soo soo cute!!

Tiff said...

Fun vacation! Eric almost went to that game with his dad. It looks like Greg is just as crazy about BYU football as my husband is. Daniel has the cutest smile ever!

Jill said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your kids all look so cute! I can't believe I haven't seen your new home yet, gosh, you need to have me over for lunch! Ha!

Katie Joyce said...


I'll never ever ceased to be amazed how you have three kids, a husband, a crazy trip and you still manage to look gorgeous everytime I see you. Really.
And Daniel is getting huge! I can't wait to see you guys again!

The Downeys said...

Thanks for posting a comment on our blog so that we could see yours. It was great to be able to see pictures of your family. Your oldest is so big! It was great to be able to see you at the reunion and catch up. Steff enjoyed meeting you as well.

G and G Nut said...

We need to see some updates on all of you. Daniel is probably all grown up. Pictures, please, please, please!

Haley said...

Sounds like an adventure Christy! With all the kids too! You are Wonder Womaaaaaaan!(you have to sing that like the old 70's Wonder Woman show).