Monday, April 13, 2009

Making things way worse . . .

Ok, this is a random post, but I have been looking at other peoples blogs and I haven't posted in a really long time (ok, so that's an understatement), but I thought I shoud just post some random thought, since I get to overwhelmed with putting the pictures on (I'm a simple gal, ya know)

Ok, so I'm not a huge worrier, but I do worry sometimes. And when I worry, I tend to turn a ant hill into a mountain (is that how the saying goes?). Here's a couple of examples:

When I flew home from Utah with my kids on Sat. Our flight LEFT at 6:00 a.m. which means we had to leave the house by 4:00 or so. Trust me, I was not excited to first of all get my self up and then my three kids up and then sit with them on a plane for 3 hours plus airport time WITHOUT my husband. Plus, I started feeling sick the night before, so I was really thinking that I needed to get some rest so that I didn't fall apart the next day. So I went to bed about 11,to at least get about 5 hours. But guess what happened, I was so stressed out about getting some sleep that I COULD NOT sleep. It was driving me crazy! I would try and do yoga relaxation techniques to calm my mind, but then I would think of how bad the day would be so then I would get more worked up and not sleep! So basically what happened is I didn't sleep AT ALL, I got up and showered (I have to shower!) and got everyone else up and ended up sleeping for 45 minutes on the plane when we took off because all my kids fell asleep for a little bit.

The moral of this story is although I did feel like a zombie the whole next day (I did take a 2 hours nap in the afternoon), I didn't die. Believe me, the way I was stressing the night before, you would've thought that no sleep would kill me, but it didn't! So why did I waste my WHOLE night stressing about it?

The other thing I tend to stress about is my kids sleep. I feel like if they don't get enought sleep they are going to be terrible the next day, drive me crazy, blah, blah, blah. And sometime that does happen, but sometimes they SURPRISE me and act totally fine all day!

Is there anyone else out there like this? If, not then just give me the number of a good couselor.

One reason why I am asking is because Greg always says, Well if you can't sleep you must not be tired enough. But I swear that I get really tired, but if I stay up too long, I get more wired and can't fall asleep. I ALWAYS pay for it the next day! But I've never been the type of person who could fall asleep during a movie or with the lights on reading, I have to be in my bed with the lights off in my pajamas with my face washed. Is that just weird, or am I really not tired enough?

By the way, it's nice to see you all again :)


Jessica said...

i have sleep problems, too. it drives me crazy especially when i really am sooooo tired and i just can't turn my brain off and go to sleep. it makes it even more difficult because i NEVER can sleep in because my kids are regularly up between 6 and 7 every morning.

i've decided i just have a really narrow window of opportunity where i can fall asleep easily. like you were saying, if i stay up past a certain point i get a second wind or something and my brain gets totally wired and then i can't fall asleep forever. it's very frustrating, and unfortunately i don't have any helpful ideas -- except i know I should just make myself go to bed earlier -- but just so you know, you're not alone!

Jessica said...

I've been missing you!

And you know how we always drive super early in the morning when we road trip? I totally do the same thing when I'm trying to get enough sleep!

Audrey said...

Greg's wrong. I do the exact same thing all the time. When my stress level reaches its maximum I have real problems sleeping. I wake up after an hour or two and most of the time I finally get up after an hour or two tossing and turning and come downstairs and either make to do lists or just do what I actually can. Once the stress is gone, my body crashes. The idea that you don't sleep because you're not tired enough is ridiculous. The ARMY trains people to be able to sleep for only 15 minutes at a time in high stress situations. Like they aren't tired right? 15 minutes?

Megan said...

I have done the same thing but it doesn't happen often. It usually just happens when I know I have to get up really early to go somewhere and I am paranoid that I am going to sleep in. I'm glad you survived waking up so early and your kids did okay on the flight home. You are super women for flying with 3 kids by yourself!!!